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Our one size pocket diapers, fit children 8-60lbs!

Why Choose Cloth Diapers?

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Save Money

Everyone loves to save a few dollars. Using cloth diapers can save you thousands! According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, "families may spend close to $936 on disposable diapers in the first year (about $18 per week)." Since the average child doesn't potty train until 25-28 months old, disposable diapers have the potential to cost you thousands! With as little as $300, you could collect a beautiful stash of reusable diapers that can last your baby through potty training. Keeping our diapers affordable is a big goal for us!

($300 is an estimated minimum. The cost of cloth diapers will depend on your child's needs, style of cloth diapers, how often you are washing and the brand(s) you decide to go with!)

Environmental Impact

Filling up our landfills with non-recyclable garbage is obviously a big reason why disposable diapers are bad for our planet, but there are other reasons why too. More human waste is introduced into our groundwater because of thrown out disposable diapers. Alternatively, fecal waste ends up going through sewage treatment facilities with cloth diapers. A concern for many is the amount of water used to wash cloth diapers. As stated in Unsustainable Magazine, "if you're concerned about wasting water, you should know that it takes approximately nine gallons of water to produce a single disposable diaper." They also emit methane gas into our atmosphere, which contributes to global warming. If we want to pass this planet down to our children, we need to quickly reduce our carbon footprint. Cloth diapers are an amazing way to do this!

Health Benefits

Something else found in Unsustainable Magazine, is a list of harmful chemical compounds found in diapers:

-Tributyltin (poisonous to marine life as well as humans)

-Dioxins (known carcinogens)

-Adhesives and perfumes

-Sodium polyacrylate (Menstrual pads containing this have been linked to cases of toxic shock sydrome)

-Volatile organic compounds like toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene, and dipentene (chemicals that are released into the air once exposes to heat.)

These are chemicals we should try to keep away from our childrens' sensitive skin. A lot of parents report less diaper rash while using cloth diapers!

To keep our babies, our planet and our wallets happy, switch to reusable diapers!