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Pink Origami One Size Pocket Diaper

Pink Origami One Size Pocket Diaper

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Our pocket diapers have 4 rows of rise snaps allowing them to fit for longer! These diapers have been known to fit infants and toddlers from 10-60lbs! The waist is fully adjustable, allowing you to always get that perfect fit. Very comfy for babies and extremely cost effective for parents! 

Starting with our June 2022 Collection, our pocket diapers will feature hip snaps and an indicator snap. The hip snaps further assist you in getting a snug, yet comfortable, fit! The indicator snap is located in the middle of the row of waist snaps to show where the center is. This will help you put the diaper on evenly each time!


A waterproof PUL layer on the outside that extends into the tummy portion of the diapers. This design helps prevent leaks to help lessen some of that baby laundry! The inner portion of our pockets is made from a gentle AWJ (athletic wicking jersey) material to help keep your little one dryer for longer. This material is well known for staining less and is much easier to spray clean!


While we would love for you to try out our 6-layer bamboo/cotton/hemp inserts or 4-layer cotton/bamboo waffle inserts, we understand everyone has their own preference for inner absorption. Our pocket is quite large and works with almost every insert available on the market. For a cheap, quick alternative, our diapers work amazing with flour sack towels! We are always here to help if you would like to learn more about this technique.



Unlike disposables, cloth diapers have to be washed. Luckily diaper laundry is quite fun! Our diapers are completely machine washable. Since everyone's wash routine will be different, we won't tell you exactly how to wash your diapers. We can give some suggestions: avoid using fabric softener, bleach, and rash creams containing: zinc, paraffin, petroleum/petroleum jelly, calamine and cod liver oil. To help your diapers last as long as possible we recommend line drying them. If you aren't able to do this, that's okay! Try to tumble dry or use your dryer's coolest setting. Avoid using dryer sheets as they can cause your diapers to repel fluids and leak.

Our Impact

We strive to bring you environmentally friendly, reusable products. Our hopes are to help cut down on landfill waste. To further help save our planet, we try to use only eco-friendly packaging. Your order will be shipped in a compostable mailer. These mailers are able to be sealed and reused twice! After use, these will break down fast and safe in a landfill. They are also safe to compost in a home composter!

Our products are responsibly made in China. Our products are thoroughly tested to ensure they are safe for you and your child. CPSC compliant.

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