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Premium AWJ Inserts

Premium AWJ Inserts

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Beige Colored AWJ!


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Our inserts are made with 6 extremely absorbent layers! The middle 4 layers are a bamboo blend. The bottom 2 layers are made with a hemp/cotton blend.

5.5 in x 13.5 in


Our inserts are known for holding more than 9 oz! 4 layers of quick absorbing bamboo/cotton. Underneath are 2 more incredibly absorbent layers of hemp/cotton. For best use, the bamboo/cotton (white side with logo) should be facing your baby’s tush. The tan hemp/cotton side should be facing outwards! 


These inserts should be washed the same way as your pocket diapers. For drying, we recommend using a low/medium heat setting on your dryer. Due to the natural fibers used, these inserts can become stiff when hung to dry. Drying in the dryer can help them stay softer and more comfortable for baby!

Before use, these inserts must be washed a minimum of 6-8 times to become fully absorbent! Due to the natural fibers these inserts will shrink and can become warped or “bacon”

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