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Rose Preflat

Rose Preflat

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Preflats/flats offer absorption all around. This allows them to be much slimmer than other diapers! This entire collection features a chocolate milk color inner fabric (shown in the second photo). We are now offering the following styles:

•Newborn Preflat (~6-20lb fit)

•OS Preflat (~10-35lb fit)

•Extended Preflat (20-35lb+ fit)

•Stretchy Flat 28in x 28in

Each diaper comes with a booster!




•95% cotton 5% spandex

•240 GSM


Our Impact

We strive to bring you environmentally friendly, reusable products. Our hopes are to help cut down on landfill waste. To further help save our planet, we try to use only eco-friendly packaging. Your order will be shipped in a compostable mailer. These mailers are able to be sealed and reused twice! After use, these will break down fast and safe in a landfill. They are also safe to compost in a home composter! CPSC compliant.

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